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All the essentials + confidentiality.

Sylo provides you with all the essential features to keep your online communications safe and confidential.

Confidential Voice and Video Calling

Crystal clear, reliable & secure video calling that you can depend on.

Confidential Messaging

Fast, efficient, secure messaging for those on the fly communications.

Your professional edge.

Sylo is tailor made for professional communications – sleek and appealing so that you can distinguish yourself from the very first interaction.

The Sylo Difference

You set yourself apart online through the solutions you choose to use. Sylo shows your clients that you are protecting their interactions with you online.

Professional Engagement

Sylo incorporates a professional and intuitive design, free from social and gimmicky features. Use it to get the job done without those distractions.

Safe and Secure

With Sylo, your conversations are 100% safe online because they are End-to-End encrypted and are not accessible in the cloud.

Forever Confidential

Sylo does not and will not access the content of your communications. You and the person you are communicating with are the only ones that can access your communications content. You’re in charge – forever.

Professionally Infused

From the moment you hit invite your clients and colleagues will receive a tailored professional experience that reflects your professionalism.

Trusted by over 18,000 Professionals and their Clients Globally